Fit for Fertility: Week One

As we embark upon the New Year and get back to the daily grind, now is the time that I encourage you to sit down and set your forecast for the year ahead. What do you want to achieve? What is your heart longing to accomplish? Do you want to travel more? Spend less time on Facebook and more time connecting with people you love in person? Do you need to make a career change? Work on becoming financially free? Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, know that it CAN be done! Here is a great tool that I use to map out my goals for the upcoming weeks, months, and years. If you haven't ever heard of the Passion Planner, and you are a planner and to-do list-er like me, you will LOVE this planner! Plus, you can download the full planner for FREE if you don't have the funds to purchase the bound planner ... amazing, right?!

To my fellow fertility fighters, believe me when I say I know what you want ... because I want the same thing.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be emailing and posting weekly challenges that will help you to focus your attention on taking care of your body so that you can become what I call, fit for fertility. I know that it can be challengeing to figure out what to do next ... and I wanted to ease that pressure for you. The Lord certainly knows we put enough pressure on ourselves trying to conceive!

So put down your planners (unless of course you have other goals to accomplish), and close out your web browser, and join me in becoming fit!

Will you join me in becoming fit for fertility?

Know someone struggling with Infertility?

Make sure to connect them to yinRoot, the HUSH support group, and don't let them miss out on my holiday special ... good through February!

Until next time ... stay rooted!


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