Fit for Fertility: Week Two

How was your first week of 2016? I hope that you are off to a wonderful start! Did you participate in the Fit for Fertility challenge last week? How did you do with consuming more H20? Did you make sure to drink water first thing in the morning before you had anything else? If felt great to challenge myself to drink more water. Over the past 7 days I consumed an average of of sixty ounces of water every day -- not too bad! My goal: eighty ounces of water daily. I've had some people ask about the water in coffee, tea, or water with any added drink mixers. As a reminder, this does not count towards your total water intake. It has to be straight up water consumption in the purest form. If you find it hard to enjoy water by itself, it is okay to add fruit or herbs to flavor your water.

Don't enjoy water by itself? Try infusing your water with fruit, veggies and herbs!

(photo credit: that we've covered water, let's get going on our challenge for week two! This week we will be focusing on snacks and ensuring that all those "little things" that we are consuming are, in fact, fueling our body and not wreaking havoc on our health! Not paying attention and "sweating the small stuff" that we're eating can be detrimental to us our our journey to creating a healthier lifestyle (and as we're preparing for pregnancy!) Food is fuel. Just as a car needs fuel to run properly, so does our body. Ask yourself: is this snack fueling my body or feeding my emotional need at the moment?

Become fit for fertility by choosing your snacks wisely!

Try out these banana oat bites to get you started! They're a great snack for when you're on-the-go or need something quick!

Know someone struggling with Infertility?

Make sure to connect them to yinRoot, the HUSH support group, and don't let them miss out on my holiday special ... good through February!

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