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Joelle is the the sweetest person you will ever meet. Just being around her makes you feel better about yourself and the entire world. Her guidance and passion has led my entire family to a healthier version of themselves. Give Joelle a chance to help you become a healthier and happier you! - Alain S. 

Great business, great website, and a great health coach! I highly recommend working with Joelle for all of your health and wellness needs -Valerie G. 

 My husband and I have been TTC naturally for quite awhile (I'm not even sure how long now - almost 3 years?). We finally got pregnant for the first time in November but then sadly had a rather traumatic miscarriage in January at 10 weeks which has been really tough. I decided to do the Mercier Therapy with Joelle and we did 6 weeks in March and April. I wanted to do it soon after the D&C so that it would hopefully prevent any scar tissue from forming. Joelle is awesome and great to talk with. It was also fascinating and had some interesting results. We discovered that my uterus is shifted to the right. So we worked on that and the differences I have noticed include a lighter period, a more regulated and shorter cycle (I could sometimes have a 40 day cycle) and way less cramps. I suffered from severe menstrual cramps my whole life so that was AMAZING! And it started happening even just halfway through the 6 week session. I am also much more flexible on all those hip opener yoga poses now. - Erin Meyer 

 I owe my health to Joelle. She linked with me a doctor that has taken my health concerns seriously. Recently, Joelle recommended a specific test due to my medical past and current symptoms, which gave me eye opening answers that could be life changing. Saddened about the news, Joelle reframed my thinking and gave me hope and a new perspective with my health and future. - Teri Maloney