Male Fertility Support

Male Fertility Support (4oz): This tincture was designed to tonify & nourish reproductive organs, support resistance to all types of stress, modulate hormone production, supply high levels of antioxidants, and support movement of blood & nutrients to vital organs. Schisanda and maca have been studied to be some of the most highly regarded plants for enhancing sperm production, sperm count, quality & motility while reducing the effects of stress on the body. Sarsaparilla is noted to supply hormonal precursors so that the body has the tools to create healthy hormones and also supplies primary nourishment to reproductive organs for improving fertility. Saw palmetto berries are beneficial for functional impotence, atrophy of testes & ovaries, and are a tonic to the entire reproductive tract of men & women. Hawthorne leaf, flower, and berries combined offer a high level of antioxidants to counter radiation induced sperm issues, supports blood flow, and provides strong cardiovascular support. The last component is an aphrodesiac called damiana, traditionally used to enhance libido and improve mood.


Suggested Dosage: ½ - ¾ tsp 2x/day or 1 tsp in the morning without food (4-6 week supply)
Ingredients: Organic schisandra berries, maca root, sarsaparilla root, saw palmetto berries, hawthorn leaf, flower, and berry and damiana leaf extracted in alcohol, glycerin, and distilled water.

**Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. This information is here to inform and educate you about the historical and evidence-based use of these herbs and is not in any way a claim for the products healing benefits. Please consult with your doctor before taking these products. Avoid use if you are pregnant or lactating unless otherwise guided by a practitioner.** 

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